About our foundation

Future Plan

We want to extend our health care project from a small dispensary to big hospital. In our future plan of hospital emergencies will be our main focus along with other specialized medical facilities. As great number of casualties occur because of lack of this service in this area.

Our Focus

As our focus is to work for the benefit of human beings. YIF also realize the importance of education and support students under our student support program. This lead to our other project named as “Darul Furqan School” where people get both formal as well as Islamic education.

What Our Goals

Our Vision

We are dedicated to alleviate the suffering of patients and transforming the lives of the people through education.

Our Mission

Yousaf Ismail Foundation is to provide compassionate, accessible, cost effective healthcare to the community; to promote health; and enables people to better understand the world and improve conditions for local and global communities.

Donate Us

BL Phool Nagar: A/C: 0112030037103328

FBL Lahore: A/C: 0459006710785009

Since 2012 we have served more than 63000 patients with two qualified doctors. But we need help from donors who believe in human welfare to donate at YIF. We highly appreciate your contribution in this cause. We make sure that your donations will reach to most deserving people.